Snow Leopard Colourpoint British Shorthairs

Our Bombadillo Snow Leopard kittens are colourpoint British Shorthairs and they are beautiful: icy blue eyes and subtle wild cat markings, these kittens are real eye-catchers. We are working to develop even better eye colour in this line, whilst keeping a nice cobby, chunky face and body shape and beautiful subtle markings. 

Meet Dad...

Father of these kittens is our super impressive boy, pictured below. He has vivid blue eyes and is a very cobby, chunky boy. He was a slow maturing cat, and didn't get really chunky until he was around 14 months old....then it happened almost overnight!

colourpoint british shorthair kittens

Snow Leopard colourpoint British Shorthair kittens 

The picture below is of one of our previous kittens - we called him Ivar but his family name is now Titus. What a beauty he was - we knew from early on that this guy would special, and he didn't disappoint! His eyes stayed a lovely blue colour, and his wonderful wild-cat markings are just visible through a beautiful clear coat. 

Bombadillo British Shorthair Snow Leopard Colourpoint Kittens

Below is a lovely update we received from his new family of Ivar/Titus as a teenager - less than a year old. Like his dad, he is taking time to mature and is in his 'gangly' phase here, but the potential is clear to see. We can't wait to see him when he reaches 14 months old! You can see his stunning wild-cat pattern coming through that beautiful clear white fur.

colourpoint kittens for sale


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