Cats of the Tsars Colourpoint British Shorthairs

Our Cats of The Tsars colourpoint British Shorthair kittens are real show stoppers: vivid blue eyes, beautifully clear coats and snow-white fur. They look just like the kittens of an imaginary Russian fairy tale princess. 

The father of these kittens is an absolute beauty and, although he took some time to mature, once he got to 14 months old he became probably the cobbiest, chunkiest British Shorthair I have ever seen. 

Meet dad...

colourpoint british shorthair

Those vivid blue eyes are quite incredible, and the chunkiness of that face! Quite a quirky little personality as well - he has a clear favourite person! 

Health is very important to us. Here are Dad's test results: 

- PKD negative/normal 

- PRA negative/normal 

- BSH ALPS negative/normal 

- FCoV negative 

Cats of the Tsars Colourpoint British Shorthair Kittens

Here you can see some photographs of our previous Cats of the Tsars colourpoint British Shorthair kittens: 

Below: Quentina Cavendish (now a famous Instagram cat)

Bombadillo British Shorthair colourpoint kittens

Below: Connie aka Miss Ree (Quentina's sister, and also a famous Instagram cat!)

colourpoint british shorthair kittens

Below is Peter, one of beautiful Bombadillo colourpoint kittens:

colourpoint british shorthair kittens for sale

Below: Pan, from our Neverland litter: 

colourpoint british shorthair kittens for sale

Below is Connie as a teenager: still in her 'gangly' teenage phase but looking very promising with beautiful big, round eyes and truly exceptional eye colour. 

colourpoint british shorthair kittens

Colourpoint British Shorthair kittens 

Find out if we have any of our Cats of the Tsars kittens on our kitten page and then contact us for more information. 

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