Our British Shorthairs

British Shorthairs come in a wide range of colours and patterns, and we love variety! So we can get kittens of many different colours. When you are looking for a kitten one of the first things to think about is what colour British Shorthair you might like. Here you will find links to pages dedicated to each of our lines of British Shorthair cats and kittens:

1. Blue, lilac, chocolate, cream, black, bicolour and calico British Shorthairs 

Blue British Shorthairs are the classic, traditional cat that everyone thinks of when they hear the name British Shorthair. Here you can find our boys and girls that are blue, lilac, chocolate, black, cream, bicolours and calicos or tri colours. We also have high white kittens and vans in all of these colours. Click here to go to our blue, lilac and bicolour page.

2. Silver tabby and silver spotty British Shorthairs 

The silver tabby British shorthair is a striking cat, with striking coats and beautiful face markings. Click here to go to our silver tabby and silver spotty page.

3. Colourpoint British Shorthairs

We love our colourpoint cats! We have a wide range of colours and patterns in the colourpoint pattern, including our Candyfloss Kittens and Snow Leopard colourpoints.  Developed by us, these kittens are very unusual - they look like little snow leopards that have wandered into your home from a wild mountain top. Click here to go to our Snow Leopards page.

4. Bombadillo Beatrix Potter British Shorthairs 

Also developed by us, these kittens are all about cuteness. They look like they have walked straight out of the pages of a Beatrix Potter story book: like little illustrations that have come to life.  Think of the tale of Tom Kitten and you've got the idea! We think very carefully about the matches we make to for our Beatrix Potter kittens - there is a real art in making the right matches.  Click here to go to our Beatrix Potter kittens page.

If you would like to know if we have any kittens available, please visit our kitten page and then contact us

Please note: we are currently working on these pages and more info and pictures will follow soon!