British Shorthair kittens available

British Shorthair kittens near Chester and Wrexham. We specialise in the more magical and unusual British Shorthairs, including unusual varieties of silver tabbies, colourpoints, selfs and bicolours. To find out what makes our kittens so special, please explore our approach and philosophy pages. 

British Shorthair kittens available

We don't have any kittens available right now. We are hoping to have some new arrivals around September time 2021 (TBC). These kittens could be an exciting variety of colours and patterns as well as some more classic colours too. If you are interested in making a reservation please contact us or sign up to our newsletter to get the latest updates straight to your inbox.


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If you are interested in making a reservation please contact us and tell us a little bit about the home you have to offer and whether you currently have any cats. 

COVID-19: at the moment, in order to comply with social distancing and protect ourselves as well as our kitten families, we are not able to do any in-person viewings, and all collections will be contactless. This will continue throughout 2021 and for the foreseeable future.

A little bit about our cats...

Our cats have fantastic pedigrees, some with Olympian Gold, multiple GICs, and European lines. If you would like more information, please contact us for expected colours. If you would like to make an advance reservation, please see below.

Father of our self and bicolour kittens is our own super chunky and very cuddly boy, shown below at just six months old! He is a real stunner, and a big soft heffalump of a cat! A true British Shorthair boy in type and temperament...we love him!

Bouncer our blue and white bicolour boy at just six months old

Make a reservation

Please contact us if you would like to reserve a kitten in advance - a reservation fee of £100 reserves your pick. Because of the way our kittens are raised and nurtured, they do find their homes quickly, so contact us early to avoid disappointment. If you are looking for a particularly rare colour, let us know as soon as possible as it can take some time for them to come along! If you are not ready to make a reservation, you can keep an eye on our website, follow us on social media, or simply keep in contact with us to stay updated. 

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Previous British Shorthair kittens

Here are some of our previous British Shorthair kittens, now all either reserved or settled in their new homes. Which kitten  is your favourite?


tabby bicolour british shorthair kittens for sale


british shorthair kittens for sale

Wendy and then Peter, colourpoint kittens from our Neverland litter:

colourpoint british shorthair kittens for saleocoloupoint kittens

Here is Pan, also from our Neverland litter:

colourpoint british shorthair kittens

Below: Ivar, member of the Candyfloss Crew - one of our beautiful colourpoint British Shorthair kittens

colourpoint british shorthair kittens for sale

Below: one of the 'Chunky Monkey Candyfloss kittens

colourpoint british shorthair kittens for sale

Below: a blue bicolour British Shorthair kitten, and what a chunk she is going to be!

 blue bicolour british shorthair kitten

Below: one of our super chunky colourpoint kittens with our unmistakable 'Bombadillo blue' eyes just starting to develop...our little marshmallow kitten:

Bombadillo blue eyed colourpoint kitten for sale

Below: one of our very special Bombadillo Beatrix Potter kittens at just 3 weeks old. A fabulous litter that we expect to be super chunky, they have gotten themselves the name 'the Beatrix Potter Crew' - because they are all so cute and unusual they look like they have come straight out of Miss Potter's imagination! One of his siblings is bimetallic. Bimetallic cats are extremely rare: there are only a handful of them in the world. You can see these kittens on our facebook page, and more updates will follow as they grow. You can see video updates of the Beatrix Potter Crew on facebook and Instagram, and we may put some longer videos on YouTube so make sure you are subscribed to our channel!

Blue silver bicolour tabby

Below: Dumpling: a blue bicolour British Shorthair kitten

Blue bicolour British Shorthair kitten

Below: Sunny, a beautiful, chunky tabby boy

blue golden shaded British Shorthair for sale

Below: named Nutmeg and Cardamom, because they are rather rotund and very sweet. Both solid lilac British Shorthair kittens (lilac selfs) at just 4 weeks old. 

lilac british shorthair kitten for sale

Below: a blue silver mackerel tabby boy and what a chunk of a kitten!

silver british shorthair

Below: named Guss Guss, because he reminds us of the tubby little mouse in Cinderella: a lilac bicolour British Shorthair kitten at 4 weeks old

lilac bicolour british shorthair kitten

Below: Biffur, a blue bicolour British Shorthair kitten, and brother to Guss Guss.

blue bicolour british shorthair kittens for sale

Below: 'Dipstick' an incredibly unusual black bicolour kitten at just 2.5 weeks old:

black bicolour british shorthair kitten

Below: Muffin: a black-silver classic tabby bicolour girl. She has earned herself the nickname 'Muffin' as she is just so cute and sweet she reminds us of an afternoon tea! We can just imagine her sitting in a teacup - she is adorable! Muffin has Olympian Gold doesn't get better than that! A very unusual colour combination...the TICA kitten of the year this year was exactly this colour: a black silver tabby bicolour. See more of her on YouTube 

Muffin silver tabby bicolour British Shorthair kitten

Nelson: a blue bicolour boy - a very chunky little thing! He has earned himself the nickname 'Nelson' as there is something very confident and authoritative about this little chap...and his bicolour markings are so perfect he looks like he's got a little blue jacket on...perfection!

Blue Bicolour British Shorthair kittens for sale

Crumpet: a blue silver classic tabby girl at just 2 weeks old 

Silver tabby British Shorthair kittens for sale

This blue bicolour girl below was 800g at only 5 weeks old! The biggest, chunkiest girl we have ever had. She earned the nickname 'Miss Heffalump' because she is so chunky and cuddly! And such a bold, confident personality.

Blue Bicolour British Shorthair kittens for sale

Blue British Shorthair kittens for sale

A stunning blue bicolour British Shorthair boy: 'Mr Heffalump', brother to 'Miss Heffalump'.

Blue Bicolour British Shorthair kittens for sale

Below: British blue, blue bicolours and a lilac harlequin:

British Shorthair kittens for sale

Below: a lovely chunky blue British Shorthair boy

Blue British Shorthair kitten for sale

Below: a silver mackerel tabby British Shorthair kitten, at 16 days old. At 16 days old he is already walking!  

British Shorthair kitten silver mackerel tabby kitten

Below is the same silver mackerel tabby boy at 10 weeks old - they grow so quickly!

Silver mackerel tabby British Shorthair kitten at 10 weeks old

This is Bertie, a solid blue boy, at 3.5 weeks old. He is being cheeky! Bertie is a very chunky little chappie indeed :)

Blue British Shorthair kittens for sale

Blue colourpoint British Shorthair kittens

Blue colourpoint british shorthair kitten

Blue colourpoint british shorthair kittens

Blue British Shorthair colourpoint kittens and a lilac and white colourpoint kitten, carrying cinnamon

Blue and lilac bicolour colourpoint kittens

Blue British Shorthair kitten, and blue tortie with white colourpoint kitten.

Blue and blue tortie and white colourpoint british shorthair kittens

Blue bicolour British Shorthair kitten 

Blue bicolour british shorthair kitten

We are based outside Chester, near Wrexham, in the North West. We love variety and can have silver tabbies, blues, lilacs, bicolours and colourpoints. Some of our kittens carry cinnamon.

Near Wrexham and Chester, we are within easy travelling distance of Liverpool, Manchester, Shrewsbury, Telford and Birmingham, although our kittens often go to homes much further away than that! 

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British Shorthair kittens for sale near Chester, Wrexham, Liverpool and Manchester.