Pet Remedy Review

Pet Remedy Review, by cats, for cats! Find out what the Bombadillo Kittens thought of this: can it really de-stress your cat?

Pet Remedy Review

Pet Remedy Review: what is Pet Remedy?

Pet Remedy is a range of products that claim to be able to de-stress and calm cats. We are normally quite dubious of these things, and have never seen a huge difference when using Feliway. But it was our vet who introduced us to Pet Remedy, and we have a great deal of respect for our vet. 

We were at a routine vet appointment with one of our stud boys. He is a very big, cobby, powerful boy. Normally he is very chilled, but he really does not like going to the vet. He was incredibly stressed and we could not get him to relax, so our vet told us she had an idea. She popped out of the room and came back in with what looked like a wet wipe. She wafted it around him, and he instantly looked a bit calmer, so she then gently rubbed it on the back of his neck and then around his head. 

The difference was quite incredible. We literally saw him relax, and then our vet was able to vaccinate him and check him over safely and without him getting traumatised by the experience. Every time we take him to the vet now we pop Pet Remedy wipe in his carrier. 

Pet Remedy comes in wipes, a spray and in a diffuser. We have tried the wipe and the diffusers, and been very impressed by them. We haven't tried the spray yet but suspect it would work just like the wipes, except you can spray it onto whatever you want (a cat toy, blanket, fleece, cat carrier etc).

Please note, we have never tested this on a dog, so can't say how effective it is on our canine friends! 

Pet Remedy Review

Pet Remedy Review: give it a try, and let us know what you think! 

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Pet Remedy Review: uses 

We have used this for: 

- trips to the vet 

- settling a new kitten in

- reducing urine marking in stud boys  

We suspect it would also be good in multi cat households where there is disharmony between cats because it has a very calming effect on our cats.

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We are expert British Shorthair breeders. Our articles are the combination of years of experience and research. We only ever review products that we have used ourselves, so you can avoid all the white noise and make sure you don't waste your money! Pet Remedy is a favourite product of ours for our nervous cats when it is time for a vet trip!