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iPad game for cats

An ipad game for a cat? Who would have thought?! I must say, I initially thought this was a crazy idea. Beyond crazy! I downloaded the free ‘Game for Cats’ app by Hiccup, not expecting much from it at all. Once downloaded, I looked at it….a purple screen with a pink dot on it. When you touch the dot it makes a bleeping sound and then appears somewhere else. Even then I was not very impressed. But I realised that the true test would be at the hands, or paws, of a cat.

iPad game for cats tested....

So we put the ipad down in front of our blue bicolour British Shorthair boy, Bouncer. He looked at it, slanted his head to one side and then the other, and continued to just look at it. I guessed that he needed a demonstration, so I touched the pink dot a couple of times, and away the iPad bleeped….his interest rose! I did it once more, and then he had the idea!

Bouncer loves this game! It is brilliant! He will play on it for quite a while before he gets bored, so it is really good for an over excited kitten if you want a little break from their pouncing!

iPad game for cats
The pink dot moves around the screen...

There is only one problem….Bouncer now thinks the iPad is his! Gone are the days when I could sit, peacefully flicking through the web on my iPad...oh no, the minute he sees the iPad he is all over it! So I am now relegated to the laptop!


This is a great little app, and it is good fun to watch your cat chasing the little dots everywhere. It was completely free, and there are add-ons you can buy that offer more variety, but we haven’t tried that yet because he is still so entertained by the pink dot! I am converted! We have it on our iPad mini, and think it would be even better on a larger device.

You can download it free on the appstore. If you try it, let us know how your cat gets on with it!



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