The Grassland Cat Tree Review

Find out what the Bombadillo kittens thought of the Grassland Cat Tree

Grassland Cat Tree Review

Pet Product Reviews: The Grassland Cat Tree


Price: £13.99

Size (LxWxH): 40x35x45

This is a miniature cat tree!  It is cute in every way: brightly coloured, flowers and butterflies, dinky, miniature, and very kitsch! An unusual little cat tower.

The Grassland Cat Tree

The Grassland Cat Tree from Zooplus is a very small cat tree in bright green, like a garden. On one side it has a scratching post with a large green paw pad perched on top, and on the other side it has a springy flower. The large green paw has a cute butterfly dangling from it.

The scratching post is in a sisal material, in neutral and green. The rest of the cat tower is covered in a lovely, soft plush material.


Assembly was super-duper easy! Holes are pre-drilled and it only requires one screw and an Allen key, which are both provided. 3 steps and you're done: 

Step 1: There are 2 pre-drilled holes in the base plate. If you turn the base plate upside you will see that one of them is plugged with silicone/plastic - that one is for the springy flower: simply push the flower stem into the pre-drilled hole. Easy.

Step 2: Then turn the base plate at 90 degrees to the floor, take the sisal scratch post, and put the female end on to the base plate where the pre-drilled hole is. Using the screw and Allen key provided, screw the scratch post to the base plate.

Step 3: Then simply take the top plate, put the pre-drilled hole onto the screw in the scratch post and twist until tight.

Done! Very easy to put together - probably took about 5 minutes from start to finish.

Zooplus Grassland cat tree review


So far, this cat tree appears to be of very good quality. Only time will tell though, so we will update this review when our kittens have had chance to test it out properly!  


We got this cat tree for a litter of 2 young kittens we have, to give them something to learn to climb on and also scratch post-train them at the same time. At the moment the kittens are 5 weeks old and, despite being enormous kittens for their age, have not yet managed to climb onto the top! Their mum is a particularly big British Shorthair cat, and the cat tree is a bit small for her - she couldn't really sit comfortably on either the top or bottom levels. We think this cat tree would be good for:

  • Young kittens

  • Cats who don’t like heights (there are some out there!)

  • As a secondary place for your cat to hang out

  • Older, or less agile cats

  • In multi cat households - an additional ‘comfy place’

  • To add some environmental enrichment to your cat’s environment: the bright colours and low price make this a good option

  • Anyone on a budget - at £13.99 this is a great price for the quality of the product

Update: both of our kittens, and their mum, love this cat tree! The kittens love the scratching post and the soft, plush lower level. Their mum loves the higher level, which she uses to get a bit of peace and quiet from her two little monsters! We found the flower attachment half way across the room this morning, but we simply slotted it back in to place. The dangling butterfly is also very much loved by the kittens. Very impressed with this cat tree given its low price. The Grassland Cat Tree from Zooplus definitely has the Bombadillo Kittens' seal of approval! 

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