High White British Shorthairs

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High white British Shorthairs are cats that are more than 50% white. These cats can come in any of the colours and patterns of a normal British Shorthair cat. Tabby, cinnamon, chocolate, blue, colourpoint...you name it, the high white British Shorthair can be it!

The pattern: high white British Shorthairs, van and harlequin

High white British Shorthairs tend to have white tummies and white faces. Depending on the degree of white that they have, they then have a coloured tail with patches of colour on their body. Those with more colour look a little like cows, while those with more white can have as little as one or two patches of colour on their bodies. High white British Shorthairs are often referred to as Vans or Harlequins, and different cat registries have slightly different standards for each in terms of degrees of white and patches of colour. 

The genetics of the High White British Shorthair 

High white British Shorthairs are white because of the White Spotting gene. This is a dominant gene, and if a kitten inherits one copy of the gene they will be a bicolour. If they inherit no copies of the gene, they will be a self, if they inherit 2 copies of the gene they will be more than 50% white. That is when it gets interesting: if you put two high white cats together, then you start to get kittens that are almost all white - vans and harlequins. The gene is expressed as WS for white spotting, ws for non-white spotting. 

  • ws/ws = no white, also known as 'self'

  • WS/ws = bicolour 

  • WS/WS = high white 

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Our high white kittens 

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